Quick Lattice (Blender Addon)

Carlos Mu
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Tired of setting up lattices?

Looking for a non-destructive way to modify your models?

Quick Lattice is what you are looking for! Do not wait more!

Quick Lattice is a quick way to modify your models non-destructively. Leave to us the boring job of setting up a lattice so you can dedicate yourself to creative work only.

What its does?

Automating the process of warping an object in a lattice cage.

Setting the size, position, rotation, resolution, interpolation, modifier, etc.

This will save you a lot clicks and other boring settings.


1. Select the target object.

2. Right Click Menú -> Quick Lattice (or "W" for Right-Click-Select Users).

Find it in the Object Context Menu

Last Operator Support Added on 0.4.0

Popup Dialog on Lattice Creation

User Preferences to enable/disable popup dialog

User Prefs to set default resolution and interpolation, added on v0.6

New Features added in action


0. If you have the old version, remove it first. IMPORTANT: If you update from 0.7 you need to remove this version first, restart Blender, and just then install version 0.8. If you don't restart blender the new preferences won't load.

1. Download the zip file "quick_lattice_[version].zip"

2. Go to Blender > User Preferences > Addons > Install

3. Choose the downloaded zip file.

4. Activate the addon.

5. Enjoy it!


  • 0.3.0 First Release!
  • 0.3.1 Fix: Crash On Undo, reported by BluePortal77
  • 0.4.0 Add Last Operation Support
  • 0.5.0 Add Popup Dialog and add User Preferences option
  • 0.6.0 Add User Preferences to set the Default Resolution and Interpolation of Lattices
  • 0.7.0 Now this addon use multifile structure (.zip)
  • 0.8.0 New preferences and panel.

Known Issues

When the object's pivot is rotated (but not the whole object), the result may not be what you want. In those cases, try applying the rotation first (Ctrl + A).

Report a Bug

If you have any problem, report it on Addon Preferences. I will solve it as soon as possible.

Version 0.8 Preferences

A lot of new preferences came with version 0.8. Now you can choose the default behavior that you prefer.

  • Deactivate Button on context menu.
  • Deactivate enter edit mode after creation.
  • Custom naming for Lattice object and modifier.
  • Object name prefix.

Aditionally I add an panel, if you prefer this instead of the context menu. In future versions you will find other options here.

To-Do List for 1.0 Milestone

When you buy this addon you help the new features arrive very soon.
  • Multi Object option.
  • Latest Version
  • Latest Version0.8.0


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Quick Lattice (Blender Addon)

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